Worldwide shipping

Shipping policy and delivery time

In most cases, delivery takes 20-30 days. However, these dates may be increased due to the load on postal services during the holidays. And also due to the remote location of the delivery point.

Due to the pandemic, the number of air flights and the number of people involved in the delivery of goods have decreased. Therefore, delivery times have been increased.

Also, due to the decrease in the number of flights, some parcels are delivered by sea and rail, which also increases the overall delivery time.

Some countries are closed for delivery.

In some countries, local postal services have restrictions on the size and weight of parcel. For example, if you are from France, then we will not be able to send you a bumper or a body kit by public courier service. This product will be returned directly from customs back to the sender. Therefore, we can only ship some types of goods via DHL or UPS. It is also possible to ship cargo by sea. To clarify the details and cost, please contact us.

We ship goods by courier. However, on the territory of different states, delivery is carried out by local branches and courier services. If the goods were delivered to you and you missed the deadlines for receiving it, the parcel will be sent back to the sender. We are not responsible for your actions and the actions of postal services of other countries.

Customer is responsible for all shipping expenses. We will reship the order only at the buyers expense. Note All shipping expenses are nonrefundable as service was rendered by courier.

If you buy several goods in one order, we reserve the right to send you goods in one parcel. Subject to the security of the combined transport of ordered goods.

Large items (bumpers, body kits, doors and etc) will be shipped by package express service. Which this is the most economical solution for extreme dimension items like bumpers. In most cases shipments will have to be picked up by the consingee. Item will not be delivered to your front door. Customers can also give the courier a call to check on the schedule of the item in route.

In any case please watch for the tracking.

Transport damage and claims

We qualitatively pack goods in combined layers of various materials (polystyrene foam, air tape, cardboard). This helps in most cases to deliver the most fragile goods intact.

Customer shall check the consignment for any physical damage and, if any found, mention this in POD (Proof of Delivery) documents of Logistics.
Please check the goods when they are delivered to make sure there is no damage – if there is damaged goods in the package, please send the claim to the shipping company. We need an act of the postal service that delivered to you the parcel which will list the goods and describe their damages.

We recommend taking photos of packages received or shooting a video of unpacking the product. And ask your shipping company for make the damage report. Without damage report we cannot send you a refund for shipping fee (without postal claim we will refund only for damaged item).

As a result we can send you a replace, send partial or full refund for damaged item (shipping courier fee are not included).

We can refund shipping fees only if you provide us the damage report. For make damage report please visit your transport company that delivered the parcel. In the damage report must be the seal of the transport company in which you received the parcel. Share this report to It need us for require refund from local transport company in our country, if the investigation will establish the fault of the transport company of the country of sender. Otherwise, you may receive a refund from shipping company in which you received the parcel in your country.

Return Policy

Returns are not accepted, but in some rare scenarios where a return is authorized, a fee of shipping cost may be applied.

Return the product to us with the original packaging and a copy of the original receipt to the address given to you by the customer service representative.

Item must be in the same condition it was sold and fully assembled. We must receive all of the parts that were included in the sale. (RETURNED ITEM MUST MATCH THE ORIGINAL PICTURES)

We sell rare used goods in the “as is” condition. Therefore, if you are very demanding on the condition of the goods, refuse to buy.

Also we do not accept return, because the cost of international delivery is very expensive. Sometimes it exceeds the cost of goods. Therefore, we ask you to be extremely attentive before you pay for the goods. Contact us in any way convenient for you. To clarify the compatibility of parts with your car and also find more information about item.

Special order and combined shipping

If the products you are after are not listed on our online store, please email us about the details of them. We will email back to you with the prices and availability for them. Once we quote them and you decide to order them, they can be ordered through special order at our online store.

In some cases, you can request a combined delivery of various goods in one package. This may give some savings. However, this will not bring a significant discount. We consider delivery according to a special program where information on the dimensions and weight of the goods is entered. When combined sending, these parameters are almost unchanged. Therefore, a big discount is not possible. However, some savings are taking place. Please contact us for additional details.


By purchasing at this web site, you agree with all our terms and conditions and understand our warranty conditions. This acts as a legal contract between buyer and seller.