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Delivery cost and item price

We ship USA, Canada, Europe Australia and Asia. If you live elsewhere, please contact us for the exact shipping cost.
In the price of good included cost of delivery to USA, Canada and Europe. If you want to order goods with delivery to the countries of Oceania or Asia please contact us for an accurate shipping cost estimate.


Initially, we ask you to make sure that you need this product and that it fits your car. Consult your auto mechanic or contact your car manufacturer's dealership to avoid warranty limitations.
You can contact us in any way convenient for you and ask any questions (about the state of the product, the presence of certain defects, current product photos, etc.).
Once we receive your order, we will check stock availability for the item and inspect them for defects.

Payment store currently accepts payments with Bitcoin cryptocurrency and PayPal.

PayPal payments: Paying with PayPal takes place automatically on the PayPal side.

Bitcoin payments:
After clicking "Place Order" in checkout, a page with your order will appear. "Order received" (your order details), scroll down and you will see Cryptocurrency payment details.

The column "Wallet address" contains the address of our digital cryptocurrency wallet for receive your payment.
for example: 1KLFiSC94rUf4Wm2h9CAdfHbCe7H5DA8Kn

To pay via QR code, open your electronic cryptocurrency wallet (application on a smartphone) and scan QR code in your order page. Check the details (payment amount and beneficiary's wallet address corresponded with column "Wallet address"). Make a payment. When the payment is clear received we will get a notification and notify you of the status of the order.
Important! Do not use your phone's camera application to scan a QR code. This may cause a communication error. Scan QR code directly from the cryptocurrency wallet app.

The second payment method - go to your cryptocurrency wallet and send funds to the digital wallet address specified in the "Wallet Address" When the payment is clear received we will get a notification and notify you of the status of the order.

If you have a PayPal account, you can purchase bitcoin from your PayPal account.
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If you do not have cryptocurrency, you can create and fund your cryptocurrency wallet at or It is also profitable to buy cryptocurrency on the website