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3 ways to get discount


We will give you a 3% discount if you pay by direct cryptocurrency transfer. We accept only Bitcoin.
To create an order, send us a list of required products. We will bill you which you can pay from your cryptocurrency wallet.

If you do not have your own cryptocurrency wallet, then you can pay a cryptocurrency invoice through a payment service, however, an intermediary may charge a fee.


By purchasing on you save more than 5-6% of the cost of these goods placed in our store on eBay.

Combined shipping

In some cases, you can request a combined delivery of various goods in one package. This may give some savings. However, this will not bring a significant discount. We consider delivery according to a special program where information on the dimensions and weight of the goods is entered. When combined sending, these parameters are almost unchanged. Therefore, a big discount is not possible. However, some savings are taking place. Please contact us for additional details.

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  1. Hi I am interested in buy the nerf bars and jdm rd1 front bumper and grill.. if u could give me a good prices for all that shipped to 19601

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